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Our restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, which meets all tastes. A menu that ranges from the typical dishes of our tradition Carnica, until you get to a more rustic cuisine, typically Austrian; Recommended the Cjarsons, prepared with passion in our kitchen, to be combined with a good glass of wine. For the game lovers, the kitchen offers a special game meat with polenta. Reservation is appreciated!

In the wekend the place remains open until 11 pm offering hot sandwiches and fries in the second evening.

Speciality of the house

Tagliatelle with venison meat sauce

Tagliatelle with mushrooms (only in season or frozen)


Agnolotti with mushrooms

Minestrone alla carnica with barley and beans

Pasta with meat sauce or tomato

Frico with polenta

Wurstel with Carnica-style sauerkraut

Venison with polenta

Goulash with polenta

Grilled pork slice

Single dish: frico, polenta, mushrooms (only in season or frozen)



Mushrooms and polenta

San Daniele raw ham platter

Platter of mixed cold cuts with cheese

Cheeses offered by the house

Our beers:

111 Zwickl Auerbräu

Engel Original Radler

Engel Natur Radler

Engel gold


Hirter 1270 Red

Flötzinger Radler

Marstons 61 Deep

Marstons Old Empire Ipa

Malastrana Original

Wells Bombardier

Westvleteren 12



Homemade sweets

Ice cream cup with warm berries